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12Sep / 2016

Air quality regulation – Is the net tightening?

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On the 7th September Simon Talbot, Managing Director of GGS, was invited to contribute to the first meeting of The All Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution. The group’s remit is to raise the profile of air quality as well as air pollution, which despite it’s impact on public health still lacks adequate regulation.

07Sep / 2016

Ground gas training from GGS: Why you should be there

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Taking a break from risk assessments, workshops and conferences, GGS Technical Director, John Naylor, talks about how much he enjoys taking time out to provide ground gas training to industry experts and graduates.

06Sep / 2016

EA expands on ground water monitoring in UK Onshore Petroleum

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The Environment Agency (EA) has released an updated version of its ‘Onshore Oil and Gas Sector Guidance’ including more detail on ground water monitoring.

05Sep / 2016

Join GGS at the EPUK Conference 2016 in Birmingham

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GGS looks forward to presenting at the annual Environmental Protection UK or EPUK conference in Birmingham. John Naylor, Technical Director of GGS, will be holding a session on Ground Gas Investigation.

31Aug / 2016

GGS welcomes another University of Manchester student for work experience

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GGS enjoys a good relationship with the University of Manchester. Many of the GGS team have studied at Manchester University, from director to graduate level, studying geo-engineering, environmental science and even history. Therefore we’re delighted to have Malcolm join us this summer for some in office and on site work experience. Here’s a little more about him.

25Aug / 2016

GGS is delighted to sponsor the SCLF Conference 2016

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Following last years very successful and enjoyable event, GGS is proud to sponsor the Scottish Contaminated Land Forum (SCLF) Conference 2016.

18Aug / 2016

UK Energy: Necessity breeds invention, demand drives innovation

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UK energy demands are at their highest levels, with a substantial need for foreign imports despite their effect on the national balance of payments. Dwindling North Sea oil and gas supplies, an adverse exchange rate and the need to reduce green-house gas emissions have all contributed to exacerbating the UK’s energy trilemma; keeping our transport rolling, houses heated and the lights on, while keeping costs down and tackling climate change.

17Aug / 2016

Landfill: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

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Some of the GGS team spent the day performing investigative ground work (having sought permission – of course) at a former landfill site in Greater Manchester. This practice exercise sought to assess the composition of the landfill through the use of trial pits and forensic soil analysis. It also uncovered some unlikely treasures.

04Aug / 2016

Infrastructure Act 2015: How operators can meet Section 50 requirements

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The Infrastructure Act 2015 covers a wide range of planning and infrastructure regulation including energy development, transport and housing. It is the subject of some controversy due to the steps it took towards defining conditions for hydraulic fracturing. These steps simultaneously started to express what the safe development of shale requires, a move that has brought the value of GGS’ core service, continuous environmental monitoring, to the forefront of the industry.

02Aug / 2016

Brownfield First – Making better use of our land

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The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) has voiced its support of the need for more sustainable development on brownfield sites via their latest report, ‘Brownfield First: making better use of our land’.