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08Aug / 2018

PCA Structural Waterproofing Conference: See you there

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GGS is delighted to be presenting at the Property Care Assocation (PCA) Conference 2018 on Thursday 13th September.

20Jul / 2018

British Verification Council (BVC) launches with NVQ in ground gas verification imminent

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On Wednesday 4th July (U.S. Independence Day) elected officers and primary members met to launch the British Verification Council (BVC).

16Jul / 2018

Contamination Expo 2018 – 12th and 13th September 2018

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GGS looks forward to exhibiting at the third annual Contamination Expo Series in Birmingham.

03Jul / 2018

Geological Society Manchester Conference – See you there

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GGS is delighted to be presenting at the Geological Society Conference in Manchester on Thursday 26th July 2018.

25Jun / 2018

Ground gas protection and verification qualification on its way

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The accurate risk assessment of ground gas affected properties and verification of their protection measures can mean the difference between the discharge of planning permissions and declaration that a development is not fit for purpose.

19Jun / 2018

Clean Air Day 2018 – Increasing awareness and encouraging action

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Clean Air Day 2018 is on Thursday 21st June. Instigated by the charity, Global Action Plan, focusing attention for one whole day on air quality aims to raise awareness and action levels around an issue that is becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK and across the globe.

18Jun / 2018

Shale Gas: The case for independent environmental monitoring

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With the ever pressing need to move away from high carbon fuels and substantially reduce our CO2 emissions, the UK’s Committee on Climate Change has identified that natural gas, including shale gas, will continue to have a significant role in the UK’s energy mix up to 2050.

25May / 2018

GGS celebrates 9 years of continuous ground gas monitoring

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As GGS celebrates 9 years of continuous ground gas monitoring, Simon Talbot, Managing Director, reflects on it’s success and where the company began – at his dining room table.

21May / 2018

Ministerial Statement on Shale Gas – 17 May 2018

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A ministerial statement on shale gas was issued on Thursday 17 May 2018 with a new package of measures to support the industry.

14May / 2018

Best value continuous ground gas monitoring for construction and contaminated land

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Committed as ever to adding value as standard, GGS has implemented new measures in line with customer feedback to enhance the quality and speed of our existing offer.