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12Feb / 2015

EIC publish their position paper on tackling the risk of Radon

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Peter Atchison, Chairman of EIC Contaminated Land Working Group says “The health risks from exposure to high levels of radon have been well-understood for many years, but the issue remains low in terms of public awareness or political focus. EIC has produced this position paper on radon to raise awareness of both these risks and the actions that can be taken to mitigate them among government, regulators, developers, building owners and occupiers and related professional advisers. EIC’s aim is to present a balanced picture of risks and mitigation opportunities to avoid unnecessary anxiety

12Feb / 2015

GGS presented at UKTI Low Carbon R&D seminar, Warsaw

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The British Embassy in Warsaw hosted a Low Carbon R&D seminar last Thursday on the 5th February 2015.  The full day event provided an overview of low carbon products and services and promoted on-going R&D projects as well as looking at collaboration opportunities between British and Polish partners. A link with more detail and photographs can be found here:


The seminar was divided into two parts, the first part of the day focused on ACUMEN, where Andrew Brunton of GGS presented an

11Feb / 2015

GGS to present at Environmental Protection Scotland

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We’re pleased to announce that John Naylor, GGS Technical Director, will be presenting at Environmental Protection Scotland on Friday 13th February.

06Feb / 2015

Ground gas flow and continuous monitoring

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Ground-gas flow and continuous monitoring

I’m often asked: Does GasClam® measure flow?

This article attempts to answer this question and highlights the reasons why flow measurements may sometimes be misleading.


GasClam® does not measure flow. In order to measure flow directly, a valve must be released which allows ground-gases (or air) to move from borehole to atmosphere, or vice versa. GasClam® is sealed into a monitoring well throughout monitoring and therefore no gas flow passes from ground to air. Options are available to intermittently release gas to the air, rather than recirculate to the borehole, but flow is not recorded as it passes through.

30Jan / 2015

When is continuous ground-gas monitoring beneficial?

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Continuous ground-gas monitoring can be a powerful tool in better understanding the ground-gas regime. However, it is not always necessary and sometimes we can figure out what we need to know through comparing periodic monitoring data with our Conceptual Site Model.

This post sets out some of the situations where continuous ground-gas monitoring may be a good option.

11Dec / 2014

Onshore Energy Services Group launches today

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The Onshore Energy Services Group launches today in the Palace of Westminster.  The group has been setup to ensure that UK SMEs play a leading role in servicing the onshore petroleum industry.  The OESG will support onshore petroleum operators, create employment, promote eduction, the protection of public health and the preservation of the environment.

09Oct / 2014

Energy Policy threatens UK recycling Jobs

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The specialist waste management company, Remsol Limited. warns that current energy policies are putting recycling jobs and capacity at risk, and is calling for shale gas development to be accelerated alongside greater use of waste energy generation and more investment in energy storage.

28Jul / 2014

Shale Gas and fracking: examining the evidence & the 14th Licencing Round

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The UK government today opened the bidding process for companies seeking licences to explore for oil and gas under the 14th Onshore Licencing Round. In the six years since the last round of licences were issued a great deal of attention has been focused on the environmental impacts, climate change, potential supply chain jobs and the overall economics of developing the UK’s onshore petroleum resources.

15Jul / 2014

Race for Life in Manchester

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Stacey McKenna, a Graduate Geo-Environmental Specialist  for GGS, has been raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Stacey completed the 5k Race For Life at Heaton Park, Manchester on Sat 12th July. Despite the hot weather she managed to complete the run in 40mins with the support of family and friends. So far, Stacey has raised over £500 for a charity close to many people’s hearts.

11Jul / 2014

Shale Gas: Just part of the energy mix? – Published RICS article

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The RICS article sets out the personal view of GGS’s founder and managing director, Simon Talbot, on the UK energy sector and the possible role of shale gas in the country’s future energy mix.

The complete energy sector, from primary production through energy conversion to final consumption, is complex and is often over simplified in the media. The article refers to the government’s published energy flow data to describe the elements that could be substituted by the UK’s on-shore natural gas resources.