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26Sep / 2013

GGS helping IGas on their Barton site

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GGS is pleased to be providing baseline and on-going environmental monitoring services for IGas on their Barton site. To ensure that site operations have minimum impact on the surrounding land and its neighbours, it is key to fully understand the environmental aspects of a site before operations begin.

13Sep / 2013

Registration of GGS Scotland

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GGS is pleased to announce the registration of its first wholly owned subsidiary Ground-Gas Solutions (Scotland) Ltd which will operate out of Motherwell.

GGS is committed to providing high quality and cost effective services throughout the UK and beyond and will be establishing a network of locally managed subsidiaries to provide a local focus for its services. In this way the company can provide best value while maintaining the highest standards.

04Sep / 2013

Bristol training well received

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GGS and PAG have delivered another successful two day training course in Bristol.  The course covered theory and practical demonstrations in topics including ‘best practice for collecting continuous monitoring data‘ and ‘gas protection, membranes and installation‘.

02Sep / 2013

GGS further grows its Manchester team

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GGS is pleased to announce that it has further strengthened its Manchester team with three new staff in as many months.  The larger team means that GGS will be able to effectively manage an ever increasing demand for continuous environmental monitoring throughout the UK and Europe.

02Sep / 2013

Shale gas extraction deemed manageable in the Netherlands

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A recent report commissioned by Henk Kamp, the Dutch minister for economic affairs, has found that risks of shale gas extraction in the Netherlands are manageable.

He has referred the report to the Netherlands Commission, who will provide an environmental assessment by the end of September.

30Jul / 2013

GasClam Data Processing and Reporting Service

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Ground-Gas Solutions Ltd now provides a cost effective and efficient GasClam data processing and reporting service to local authorities and other consultants. This service has been developed in response to the increasing number of enquiries from existing GasClam users who require their data to presented in an easy to interpret graphical format.

30Jul / 2013

Continuous Monitoring Australia

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Ground-Gas Solutions Ltd and Exea Associates Ltd have been working in partnership to develop a series of papers and Guidance on Interpretation of Continuous Monitoring Data. Keiron Finney of EXEA is presenting  their first paper  at the  ISWA Beacon and 5th Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations Conference 2013 in Brisbane on August 6th 2013. 

04Jul / 2013

Fraccing & Environmental Concerns

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Please follow the link to watch a recent lecture on the environmental concerns of fraccing The lecture was given by Ground-Gas Solutions’ Managing Director at Shale Gas World Conference in Manchester June 2013.

27Jun / 2013

UK positioned to become the leader in shale gas production in Europe

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Three things have come together that will place the UK at the forefront of shale gas production in Europe and establish UK operations as a gold standard in shale gas exploitation.

31May / 2013

GGS & PAG Specialist Training starts again in June

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PAG and GGS are joining forces again to provide specialist training on:

Ground-Gas Monitoring, Guidance Protection and Best Practice

New elements, including the recently published BS 8576, radon health risks, monitoring and protection, and case studies are discussed while practical membrane installation techniques and quality assurance are demonstrated.