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07Jul / 2014

GGS Managing Director, Simon Talbot invited to speak at Australasian Land and Ground-Water Association (ALGA) Conference

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Simon Talbot, Managing Director and founder of Ground-Gas Solutions Ltd was invited by the Australasian Land and Ground-Water Association (ALGA) to open its first contaminated land conference to be held in New Zealand with a key note presentation on, ‘Thirty years of ground-gas monitoring, risk assessment and protection’.

03Jul / 2014

BGS Study maps of fracking methane risk to drinking water

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A major study into the potential of fracking to contaminate drinking water with methane has been published. The British Geological Survey and the Environment Agency have mapped where key aquifers in England and Wales coincide with locations of shale.

03Jul / 2014

UKOOG welcomes the BGS report on shale in the Midland Belt of Scotland

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The UK Onshore Operators Group (UKOOG), the representative body for the UK onshore oil and gas industry, welcomes the announcement today of estimates of shale oil and gas in the Midland Belt of Scotland from the British Geological Survey (BGS).

23Jun / 2014

Energy generation in Wales: Shale Gas

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The Welsh Affairs Committee says shale gas represents an opportunity for Wales in a report issued today.  However, it must not come at the expense of Wales’s natural environment. The environmental risks must be considered further by the UK and Welsh Governments.

10Jun / 2014

UK Shale Gas: GGS under the Spotlight

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GGS has been the first company featured in a series of ‘Spotlight on SMEs‘ blog posts.  There is a whole supply chain of SMEs which will benefit if shale is developed in the UK.  This series of blogs serves to highlight the major part that British SMEs have to play in the development of UK shale gas.

21May / 2014

Press Release: GGS teams up with Remsol to service the shale gas sector

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Waste and environmental management specialist Remsol has joined forces with Ground-Gas Solutions to offer market-leading protection services to the shale gas sector.

The two North West companies will jointly market a selection of environmental monitoring and risk mitigation services, focusing primarily on the burgeoning sector, but also servicing a diverse range of additional sectors such as landfill, energy-from-waste and chemicals.

24Apr / 2014

Getting ready for UK shale gas (download here)

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Download the report here: Getting ready for UK shale gas

This study, prepared by EY and commissioned by UKOOG with part funding from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, estimates that the emerging UK shale gas sector is an opportunity for the UK with a potential £33bn spend over the next 15 years in a home grown supply chain with some 64,000 direct and indirect jobs created.

03Apr / 2014

IGas Acknowledges importance of GGS

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Speaking at Unconventional Gas Aberdeen 2014, Andrew Austin, CEO of IGas Energy acknowledged the role of Ground-Gas Solutions in environmental baseline monitoring for the shale gas industry.  GGS was able to prove the existence of natural biogenic gas at an IGas site prior to drilling activity.  This provided crucial baseline data for the site, on which a comparison could be made during the operational phase of the well.

01Apr / 2014

A celebration of small business at Manchester Metropolitan University!

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GGS attended a lunchtime reception at Manchester Metropolitan University which celebrated small business, entrepreneurialism and enterprise. A presentation was given by Ed Miliband MP and Chuka Umunna MP, Shadow Business Secretary, members of the Shadow BIS Team and local Labour Party MPs.

17Jan / 2014

GGS’ monitoring approach at onshore petroleum sites included in new CIWEM report

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GGS is delighted at the inclusion of it’s monitoring approach at onshore petroleum sites in the new CIWEM report on shale gas and water.

The independent review of shale gas exploration and exploitation in the UK highlight two key points within the summary.